Rules of Engagement
The rules for the Madchainsong part 4 - 2006:


Opening words:

Do not feel afraid of this rules list, more than half of these rules should be seen as pure logicial thinking! Have fun reading ;)

Starting the chainsong:

When the sign up has closed we will have a public vote to decide who starts. The artist that starts can also choose to re-enter the chainsong at a later stage. This is done to get a great start to the chainsong.

Special rule for the first persons in the chainsong:
- 6 instruments max to be added by the starting artist (max 6mb in samples)
- You can max use 6 tracks (1 instrument per track)

Main rules:

- A ftp login and password will be sent to all artist who has signed up.
- Look at the schedule when its your time to do your part in the chainsong!
- No VST plugins are allowed!
- You can max use 128 lines X LPB to make your part (If you use lpb 4, then max is 128x4=512 lines)
- You only add 4 new instruments to the chainsong
- You can use mutiple samples under each instrument, but max filesize is 4mb in total per artist!
- You have 96 hours (4 days) to make your part (se scedule)
- If you have not upload your part before the next artist starts, you will be skipped
(send us a mail for more info about how you can re enter the chainsong if this happends).
- You are allowed to adjust the last pattern of the artist "before" you, but "only" for blending in your own part!
- The beginning artist decides the LPB and bpm, everyone is allowed to change it in his part as long as it keeps the song going! (try to make it sound nice if you change it)
- Tracks 61-64 will have pre set mpreverb track effects on them, these effects aren’t allowed to be altered or removed
- No reverb track effects may added on any difrent tracks (this is to keep the cpu usage low!)
- You have to label all you own patterns by your artistname!
- If you use automation, change volumes etc, make sure this does not affect any previous part than your own!
- Max tracks added by an artist is 4.
- If you introduce an new instrument you HAVE to use it in a new track (unlabeled track - max 4 track per artist) you have to name that track to the instrument that you have used. This way all instruments will have there own track, labeled proparly by the artist introducing them into the song, "including instrument number" If multible tracks are needed for strings etc lable these tracks as string 1 / string 2 etc. (Later in the chainsong when all tracks has been taken [max 4 tracks per artist] you can still introduce new instruments, but you have to re-use some other tracks)

Ending of the chainsong:

To make the final part in the chainsong is always an honor! This year, when all artists has finished their part, everyone can vote on the part they think is the best part of the whole chain.The artist/part that recives the most votes, will be given te opertunity to make an worthy ending to the chainsong 2006! If the voted artist refuses, the 2nd best artist will do the ending (etc). This is also a nice way to get feedback and see what people think about your part.

The voted artist will get 512 lines x LPB and a week deadline to make a worthy ending!

*Remember, this artist will have a serious responsability finishing up the song, so if your the one, do your best, and end the chain as it started. (making the track a whole one)

Additional rules:

- The chain will most likely be run on its own, this means you have to check the schedule on your own and and check when its your time to do your part in the chainsong. We will always try to help you if you get in any trouble what so ever:)

- Organisation is allowed to ban artists or parts of the chain.

You will get most likely be banned if:

- If you use the chainsong ftp for any other reasons than uploading and editing your own chainsong part! (do not try to delete anything, you have full access).
- If you delete chainsong parts other than your own without fixing it, from the chainsong ftp! (Do not try, you have full access!)
- If you try to destroy the chainsong in any way.
- If you start sharing the ftp login and password with other people than those who has signup for the chainsong.
- If you disregard the rules completly.
- If you ruin any previous parts, with effects etc, without fixing it.
(Example, you add a stereo delay to track 1, which makes stereo delay to all pervious parts who use that track.If you still need that stereo delay, you have to turn it on with automation when your part begins, and fix it so its turned off on all previous parts.)

If anyone gets banned a NEW pasword will be sent to all particapants

Final thoughts:

We hope that you see this list not as rules, but more like "guidelines", so it will be easier for the next artist to continue the chain. Imagine what mess the chain would be if we didn't set these standards. Feel free to ask question on irc, forum or mail,

Have fun!

Factor & PyroZane