What is a chainsong?

Basicly its a very long song made by mutiple artists!

One artist starts to build the song, and then then next artist in line continues it. This is done until all artists has made their part in the song/chainsong.The song is made with madtracker 2.6 or the latest version of madtracker. In the last chainsong about 30 artists entered, and the resoult can be found here

To make a successfull entry to the chainsong you first have to signup, then check when its your time to enter the chainarena under artist schedule, then follow a set of rules that will be given under "Rules of Engagement".

I can tell you many reasons to join:

1: Its alot of fun!
2: Its one of the big events in the madtracker community!

3: You get to be a part of an incredible song!
4: You will get feedback on your work!
5: You will get PR.
6: I have put a lot of free work into this:)
7: Its alot of fun!:)