Chainsong 2006

Welcome to the official MadTracker Chainsong 2006 homepage! This site is dedicated to those MadTracker users whoe either participate or are interested in the yearly Chainsong of

5.April 2006

We have also sent out a preview on the schedule to all artists in the chainsong.
Send a mail to, if you want to change it, or have sugestions?

For those who have still not recived any mails? Send an e-mail to with correct mail address. (check your spamfolders etc, first also)

2.April 2006

What is going to happend now?

1. We have to vote for artists who want to start the chainsong 2006 (Look at rules). 1 week deadline to vote.
2. Releaseing a schedule, you will recive a newsmail again.
3. Start Chainsong 2006!

Now we will vote for the artist that should start the Chainsong 2006 (and to get a nice start to the chain we hope this will be a skilled person? *smily* )

For those who have still not recived the first news/vote mail? Send an e-mail to with correct mail address. (check your spamfolders etc, first also)

1.April 2006

The signup has closed! But we will keep the signup form open, so you can still try to signup, but we can't promise anything so far:)

7.February 2006

The signup has started!
This year everyone has to signup before the chainsong starts, and the deadline for signup will in first round be 1st of april 2006 (I think that sounds ok?).

Signup here!

Anyone can signup for this chainsong, no matter if you are a pro or a newbie with madtracker 2. If you don't know what a chainsong is, you can read more about it here or listen to the 2004 chainsong here.

If you are new to madtracker? then you can get it here, and try the tutorial for the program here.

The page is now located at ""
A special thanks to yannick and, for letting us use his web server as a host.

"Signup now for a fun time, and a new and interesting chainsong!"

- Factor/PyroZane -

27.January 2006

Once again we are planing a new chainsong! Keep looking at this page for more info!

"This chainsong will be better and more organised than the previous onces, so stay tuned for new rules, singup and much more!"

- Factor/PyroZane -

26.January 2006

This page is under construction!

"I'm currently working on this page"

- PyroZane -